3 Top Tips For Keeping Your Deck Spotlessly Clean

Nothing heightens the appeal of nice weather quite like spending time on your deck. Yet when your deck is a filthy mess the last thing you want to do is settle in for the long haul. If you've got a deck in need of some love--and soap--read on. This article will outline three tips for rejuvenating a dirty deck. Remove debris from between boards using a leaf blower. Okay, you've removed all of your deck furniture--good work.

Chimney 101: Why Your House Has One Of Those

When you look at your roof, you may see some open pipes sticking out of it. What are these pipes and why are they there? Some people call these chimneys, but it would be more technically correct to call them vents or exhausts. In general, there are three types of "chimneys" that you can have on your roof. Brick and Mortar Chimneys The first is the standard chimney that goes to your fireplace.

Addressing Frequent Misconceptions Concerning Horizontal Directional Drilling During Water Line Installation

For many years, the traditional method of installing new waterways beneath the ground involved digging deep trenches and creating quite the disturbance that was both time consuming and hassling for property owners. With modern horizontal directional drilling practices, line installation is nothing compared to what it once was. Even as beneficial as directional drilling is, there are a lot of misconceptions about the processes used and the availability of services. Here are a few of the most common and the facts you should know as a property owner.

3 Unique And Budget-Friendly Ways To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Tired of looking at those outdated, ugly kitchen cabinets? If so, then perhaps you've already researched the cost of having them replaced, only to find that the figure was way outside of your comfortable price range. Not to worry; you don't have to be destined to live with those cabinets forever. In fact, there are a few possible ways you can go about updating them for just a fraction of the cost of buying new ones.

Tips To Help Keep Your Deck In Pristine Condition

Your deck is likely one of the most exposed parts of your home, and it should come as no surprise that this means it requires special care to keep it maintained. Unfortunately, some new homeowners are unsure of the various demands that their deck requires, and this can cause them to make mistakes that can shorten its usable life and negatively impact your home's appearance. Luckily, deck maintenance does not have to be a mysterious task because there are a couple of simple preventative maintenance tips you can follow to avoid the worst of these problems.