Machines To Help You Clear Your Land

When you have a lot of land and you want to clear some of it so that you have more room to create or erect new structures and buildings, you need some machines to help you do it. Many of these machines are towable or pushable. You can also rent land clearing machines. Here are just a few to help you get started on this major project.

Horizontal Thresher

This is a push-behind piece of equipment with a mini-thresher on the front. It mows down tall grasses, one-inch saplings and weeds. You do not want to get in front of this thing when it is turned on because it can slice flesh and bone quite easily. However, it is a great piece of rental equipment if you just want to take down several rows of thick grass and saplings.

Log Splitter

After you have taken a chainsaw to several larger trees, be sure to split the trunks into chunks with a log splitter. This makes it much easier to stack, carry, transport and store the wood. You could also cord it up and sell it as firewood after the splitter has done its job.


If you have bushes and tree brush, a chipper can make short work of that. It also does an excellent job of creating wood chip mulch for your yard and gardens. If it is pine or cedar chips, you can put that in your attic or closet to keep moths out, too. Any land clearing machine that can give you a "two-for-one" deal on clearing and helping in some other way is worth the rental fee.

Brush Mulcher

Brush mulchers are similar to threshers and chippers, except that after the brush is cut down, it is finally chopped into mulch. This is completely organic mulch in that no chemicals have touched it and it will quickly dissolve and provide nutrients to the plants around it. You may need to clear the brush mulcher regularly if the brush is wet or gets stuck in clumps. Just make sure the machine is off completely before you attempt to clear its blades of the clumps.

Avoiding Accidents While Still Clearing the Land

If you are unnerved by the idea of these very sharp machines and their use, you can always hire a general contractor or a land clearing service like Global Fabrication Inc. They charge by the job and by the hour, but at least you will not lose a digit in the process. They bring their own machines, too, which is always a bonus.