How To Fix Squeaky, Creaky, Whiny Noises In Your House

A house can be noisy whether it is new or old. There are a number of simple, inexpensive fixes. If you are renting the house, some of them may require the permission of the landlord. Here are fixes for a few annoying problems. 

The Squeaky Door

It's relatively easy to fix a squeaky door hinge. There are several spray-on lubricants that are good; WD40 is one of the most popular. A bit of petroleum jelly or surfboard wax will work, too. In many cases, you can just apply the lubricant directly on the hinge for a quick fix.

If that doesn't do it, you'll have to do a little more work. Take the door off of its hinges by removing the hinge pin. Clean the hinge pin with steel wool or sandpaper to remove rust or dirt that may have accumulated over time. You can also remove any paint that is on the hinge at the same time.

Rub or squirt a bit of oil or other lubricant on all the parts. You can also rub soap on the hinge pin so it slides better. Replace the door to its original position, swing the door open and closed a few times, and the problem should be solved.

The Creaky Floor

Many times, the reason why a floor squeaks is because the wood has shrunk around the nails. If you can locate the offending area, you can fix it by screwing from below the floor (underneath the subflooring) into the hardwood planking. Use caution when doing this so the screws don't stick through to the inside floor surface.

You can purchase a counter snap kit to fix this problem, which comes with everything needed for the job. All you do is use a power drill and place the 'snap off' screw into the fixture.

The Whining Pipes

Whining pipes can be complicated unless you have a little plumbing experience. If the water pressure is more than fifty pounds per square inch (psi), it's too high and may be causing the disturbing noise. However, it also could be a loose pipe that is touching the framework due to a lack of proper cushioning. Or it could be a water-logged air cushion chamber making the noise. It is best to leave a problem like this to the professionals.

Stopping noises in a home can sometimes be a simple fix, and you'll save a lot of time and money if you can do the work yourself. However, fixing some problems requires more skill than the average homeowner has. It will take a professional (click here for more info) to make a proper diagnosis and do the repair.