5 Remodeling Ideas For Brightening Up A Kitchen Without Much Sunlight

If you have recently purchased a home that is a bit older with dark colors in the kitchen or simply does not have much exposure to the sun due to the layout, you may be unhappy with how dark the kitchen feels. While some people may gut the entire kitchen and do a full remodel to brighten up the space, you can save money and make a few changes to give the kitchen a new look without being as costly.

Paint the Cabinetry

A common reason why a kitchen can feel dark and drab is due to the cabinetry being too dark in color. Luckily, this is an easy fix and only requires you to add a fresh coat of light colored paint to the cabinets. Some nice options for painting the cabinets include white, light grey, and even a pale yellow.

For the best finish, try a paint that is durable and easy to clean off dirty fingerprints and smudges.

Change Up the Backsplash

The backsplash is a great way to add style to a kitchen, with options including paint, tile, and even stone. If your kitchen feels dark, it can often be due to the backsplash being too dark in color or too much of a contrast to the rest of the kitchen. By replacing the backsplash in the kitchen, the whole room can look much brighter—especially if you choose a lighter color.

Add a Skylight Above the Kitchen      

Bringing in natural light can be a challenge if the existing kitchen window is not very large or does not face a side that receives a lot of sun during the day. An easy way to add more natural light if your home is a single story is by adding a skylight. Positioning the skylight near the sink can be a good way to allow in natural light where you will appreciate it most.

Try Under-Cabinet Lighting

Brightening up the counters can be as easy as adding under cabinet lighting. With this project needing only a weekend of your time, you can add some extra illumination to the kitchen in a fun way that will help your kitchen stand out.

Consider Replacing the Countertops

While replacing the counters should be your last project to consider due to the higher costs involved, it can be an effective way to brighten the kitchen. Lighter colors can help make the kitchen even feel larger if your current counters are dark or busy in pattern.

If you are trying to brighten up your kitchen, you may be planning on replacing just the lighting. For the biggest impact, however, consider some of the above changes for a brighter kitchen renovation that you will enjoy in the years to come.