3 Top Tips For Keeping Your Deck Spotlessly Clean

Nothing heightens the appeal of nice weather quite like spending time on your deck. Yet when your deck is a filthy mess the last thing you want to do is settle in for the long haul. If you've got a deck in need of some love--and soap--read on. This article will outline three tips for rejuvenating a dirty deck.

Remove debris from between boards using a leaf blower.

Okay, you've removed all of your deck furniture--good work. But before you start sudsing away, it's a smart idea to remove any loose dirt and debris from between the boards. Unfortunately, this task can be a real drag when using a broom alone. But if you've got a leaf blower nearby, you can save massive amounts of time and sweat by using this helpful tool to blast all that gunk off of your deck.

Be aware of the risks before using a pressure washer.

Many homeowners are seduced into cleaning their deck with a pressure washer--only to end up with damaged and disfigured boards. That's because the incredibly high pressures involved can easily cut gouges in even the hardest of woods. Thus if you intend to clean your deck with a pressure washer, it's vital that you observe some important protocols.

To begin with, in no circumstances should you use a pressure in excess of 1,500 psi. The best policy is to begin with the lowest possible pressure and gradually work your way up, settling on a pressure that balances effectiveness and safety.

The spray tip on your washer is just as important as the pressure you use. You see, if your tip is too narrow, the pressure will be concentrated over too small an area. This increases the risk of damaging your deck--even with moderate pressure levels. Be sure to use a spray tip with a width of 40 to 60 degrees.

Save money by preparing your own soap solution.

Take a casual stroll through any home improvement store and you'll likely notice lots and lots of high-priced deck cleaners. While these may be convenient for some, you can easily save money by making your own simple solution. For every gallon of water, simply add:

  • one cup of powdered laundry soap
  • 3/4 cup of powdered oxygen bleach

Mix well and then apply generously to your deck. Give the solution a brief scrub with your deck brush, and let it soak in for several minutes. Then rinse the deck clean with your hose and you should be good to go. Talk to professionals, such as Hallmark Waterproofing Inc, for more help.